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Samuel (Sam)D. (death notice at Find A Grave #25669434)Carter10-11-1918Monroe Journal, p. 5
S. A. (Amon)Richardson10-08-1918Monroe Journal, pp 5 & 8
JamesB. (death notice at Find A Grave #25297837)Howard10-04-1918Monroe Journal, p. 5
JamesHoward10-04-1918Monroe Journal, p4
SanfordAmonRichardson10-04-1918Monroe Journal, p4
DavePierce10-04-1918Monroe Journal, p 1
RobertNash10-01-1918Monroe Journal, p 1
JamesMarshall (notice at Find A Grave, 61771207)Nash10-01-1918Monroe Journal, p.1
MarshallNash10-01-1918Monroe Journal, p.1
MelvinDeese08-27-1918Monroe Journal, page 1
CoraCrowell08-20-1918Monroe Journal, p2
Hallie (Mrs. Dr. John)LittleBelk08-16-1918Monroe Journal, p1
GradyLove08-02-1918Monroe Journal, p.1
J.LeePolk07-19-1918Monroe Journal, p 5
J. A.Laney07-19-1918Monroe Journal, p 5
AsaCollins07-16-1918Monroe Journal, p1
J. (Colonel)L.Rodman07-02-1918Monroe Journal, p 1
J.LabeLittle06-28-1918Monroe Journal, p 1
Hattie (Mrs.)D.Black06-25-1918Monroe Journal, Page 5
George (Lt.)A.Ball06-25-1918Monroe Journal, p 1
HenryA.Hill06-18-1918Monroe Journal, p5
Ruby (child)(d/o James)Parker06-11-1918Monroe Journal, p5
E.C.Secrest06-11-1918Monroe Journal, p5
IshamDavis05-24-1918Monroe Journal, p. 1
LizzieWall04-16-1918Monroe Journal, p5
ClemmieHartsell04-16-1918Monroe Journal, p.5
JohnWesleyDeese03-19-1918Monroe Journal, p.8
Clark (A. C.)Helms03-12-1918Monroe Journal, p. 1
James (Dr.)Beauregard (see FAG# 41014261)Eubanks03-12-1918Monroe Journal, p8
Mary MagdaleneTartt (Mrs. C. L.)Yandle02-26-1918Monroe Journal, p5
Hariett(widow of Thomas Rorie)Rorie01-25-1918Monroe Journal, p.5
WalterJ.Boylin12-21-1917Monroe Journal, p 1
CharlieMcGuirt12-21-1917Monroe Journal, p 1
Ella (Mrs.)C.Doster12-14-1917Monroe Journal, page 5
CharlesN.Toney12-07-1917Monroe Journal, p5
Ruth (see F.A.G. 47288399)3 yr. old d/o C. M. BoyteBoyte11-20-1917Monroe Journal, p5
Antionette (Mrs. J. J.)Beasley11-20-1917Monroe Journal, p. 5
Lucia (Mrs. Tony)Vallevona (obit at Find A Grave #31665810)Rossi11-09-1917Monroe Journal, p. 5
J. (Elder)E.Williams11-09-1917Monroe Journal, p.5
Alex(brief notice - one of the oldest citizens)Blount11-06-1917Monroe Journal, p. 5
J. T. (James)Williford08-07-1917Monroe Journal, p 4
W.C.McGinnis06-19-1917Monroe Journal
W.C.McGinnis06-19-1917Monroe Journal, p1
JaneStewart06-01-1917Monroe Journal, p 1
AlbertMyersNewsome05-29-1917Monroe Journal, p.1
FrankSadler05-29-1917Monroe Journal, p.1
R.EdgarWilliams03-23-1917Monroe Journal, p1
WilliamsD.Morgan02-23-1917Monroe Journal, p.7
GusHorton02-09-1917Monroe Journal, p. 2
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