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Emerline(widow of Jack)Hasty06-22-1909Monroe Journal, p5
MaryPistole (See FAG#137885573)Laney06-15-1909Monroe Journal, p3
JamesM.McLarty06-08-1909Monroe Journal, p 3
JohnMcCarten04-20-1909Monroe Journal, p3
EllenElizabethWilliams04-13-1909Monroe Journal
MarthaM. (Mrs. D. C.?)Montgomery04-06-1909Monroe Journal, p3
ElizabethHayes (wife of Mr. S. R.)Rape04-06-1909Monroe Journal, p3
AlexTrull03-30-1909Monroe Journal, p 3
EllenTeal (Rushing)Starnes03-16-1909Monroe Journal, p 3
(Child of Walter Robinson)Robinson03-16-1909Monroe Journal, p3
J.SilasNance03-16-1909Monroe Journal, p3
Lizzie(Mrs. Godfrey)James03-16-1909Monroe Journal, p3
SalathielHelms03-09-1909Monroe Journal, p3
TomHowey02-16-1909Monroe Journal, p2
WillMassey02-16-1909Monroe Journal, p2
Clyde(Engineer for Seaboard)Moore02-09-1909Monroe Journal, p3
Levey (Mrs.)Temple01-05-1909Monroe Journal, p. 1
A. B. (Rev.)(Note: hard to read)Caudle11-24-1908Monroe Journal, p. 3
EllenNance11-24-1908Monroe Journal, p. 3
Lula (Mrs. J. M.)FowlerBeaty11-24-1908Monroe Journal, p. 3
Jane (Mrs.)Walden11-24-1908Monroe Journal, p. 3
Pearl (of Nashville, ARK)(little daugh. of M/M Elijah Williams)Williams11-24-1908Monroe Journal, p. 3
RalphMcLarty11-17-1908Monroe Journal
CyrusL.Price11-17-1908Monroe Journal, p3
Singleton (Rev.)Little11-10-1908Monroe Journal
JohnNealGardner09-08-1908Monroe Journal, p 3
B.FrankMcLarty09-01-1908Monroe Journal, p 3
FlorenceRape09-01-1908Monroe Journal, p 3
E. T.Stringer08-18-1908Monroe Journal, p 3
S.KirklandMcDonald08-04-1908Monroe Journal, p3
ThomasH.Benton08-04-1908Monroe Journal
L. D. (Major)Andrews06-30-1908Monroe Journal, p 3
JamesB.Brantley06-30-1908Monroe Journal, p1
AliceMcRaeVann06-16-1908Monroe Journal, p 1
BlakeNewsome06-16-1908Monroe Journal, p 1
SarahWalkupRobinson06-16-1908Monroe Journal, p 1
Troy (Mrs)(Williams)Moore06-16-1908Monroe Journal, p 1
Marley(obit posted at Find A Grave)Griffin06-02-1908Monroe Journal, p. 3
BessieStewartWorley05-26-1908Monroe Journal, p3
Zylphia (widow of Evan A.)(d/o Wlm. Winchester)Simpson05-19-1908Monroe Journal, p.3
BobG. (small son of Ernest)Moore05-19-1908Monroe Journal, p.3
Julia (widow of W. S.)(brief death notice)Hunnicutt05-19-1908Monroe Journal, p. 3
HenryFranklinBivens05-19-1908Monroe Journal
HannahBelkCorrell05-19-1908Monroe Journal
Wilma(infant d/o M/M Lex)Funderburk05-12-1908Monroe Journal, p3
ObediahBaucom05-05-1908Monroe Journal, p3
MaudPriceWilleford05-05-1908Monroe Journal, p1
D. S. (Mrs.)(no parents listed)Haywood04-28-1908Monroe Journal, p3
Sarah(No obit found)Stack04-26-1908(No obituary found)
J. (Mr.)EllisSimpson03-03-1908Monroe Journal, p. 1
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