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This index to the obituaries listed in the Monroe Enquirer Journal (and earlier Monroe papers) was compiled by the staff of the Union County Public Library. This index covers assorted years up through the present with a more thorough coverage of the years between 1968 and up. It is continually updated. If you find errors, please contact the genealogy department. Some years are currently incomplete on the index. (1978 is less than 5% complete; 1986 is missing the months Sept-Dec). To obtain a copy of the obituary, please visit us in person and check our files or the newspapers on microfilm. Are you a long distance researcher? Try our look-up service. All requests are handled by mail with a service charge of $5.00 submitted with your request. You may ask for up to 2 obituaries with this paid service. If you have any questions please call, 704-283-8184 ext. 5236 or email at


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Gladys L.Faulkner 09-27-2022A3
Marie Streater 09-27-2022A3
Roger L.Clute 09-27-2022A3
Billy WycliffRogers 09-27-2022A3
Myron Antonio Massey 09-27-2022A3
Doris Massey 09-27-2022A3
Larry W.Teeter09-25-2022A3
James Ray Parker09-25-2022A8
Claude Heath Gunion, Sr. 09-25-2022A3
VickiNash Helms 09-25-2022A3
James Elloyd Moss09-25-2022A3
Mary Virginia HaynesAkers09-22-2022A3
Ruth Faulk Noorwood09-22-2022A3
William Michael Mosley 09-22-2022A3
ThomasGary Sizemore09-22-2022A3
Francis GeneParker09-22-2022A3
Christine "Teeny"Oakes 09-22-2022A3
JamariusJamadBelk 09-20-2022A3
William Michael Mosley 09-20-2022A3
Gloria DiannMorrison-Wilson 09-20-2022A3
JoyceCrowell Derrick09-20-2022A3
Nancy Austin 09-17-2022A3
Walter FredNichols09-17-2022A5
Jeremy PhillipIsaacs09-17-2022A5
Susan LavernWilliams09-17-2022A5
Richard "Rick" FrederickBeaulieu09-17-2022A5
Michael Dean Benton 09-17-2022A5
JamesCauthen Plyer, Jr. 09-17-2022A5
Mary Virginia Haynes Akers 09-15-2022A3
Susan LaverneWilliams 09-15-2022A3
VickyGordon Ferrell 09-15-2022A3
Barry Cureton 09-15-2022A3
Cassie Bell ThomasLotharp 09-15-2022A3
William Billy Poston, II09-15-2022A3
Linda Eurea Hately 09-15-2022A3
Ralph Dixon Crump 09-15-2022A3
Jean Kotter Dilworth 09-13-2022A3
Billy Ray Jordan 09-13-2022A3
Darryl Evans Straing 09-13-2022A3
Cassie Belle Thomas Lotharp 09-13-2022A3
Teresa LynnHelms 09-13-2022A3
Alice Malcom 09-11-2022A3
Richard Kenneth Tucker09-11-2022A3
Billy MaxThomas09-11-2022A3
Larry Kenneth Wilson 09-11-2022A3
Zane Emerson Eargle 09-11-2022A3
Gary WayneMiller 09-08-2022A3
Ruth LemmondBroome 09-08-2022A3
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