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This index to the obituaries listed in the Monroe Enquirer Journal (and earlier Monroe papers) was compiled by the staff of the Union County Public Library. This index covers assorted years up through the present with a more thorough coverage of the years between 1968 and up. It is continually updated. If you find errors, please contact the genealogy department. Some years are currently incomplete on the index. (1978 is less than 5% complete; 1986 is missing the months Sept-Dec). To obtain a copy of the obituary, please visit us in person and check our files or the newspapers on microfilm. Are you a long distance researcher? Try our look-up service. All requests are handled by mail with a service charge of $5.00 submitted with your request. You may ask for up to 2 obituaries with this paid service. If you have any questions please call, 704-283-8184 ext. 5236 or email at


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Leroy Cannon 08-06-2022A3
Rita Denise "Dixie"Peecher08-06-2022A3
Marguerite Mangum 08-04-2022A3
James D. Young 08-04-2022A3
John Calvin Crowder 08-04-2022A3
Jean Catoe Freeman 08-04-2022A3
LewisPolk 08-02-2022A3
Shirley Gean Benton 08-02-2022A3
Duane Robin Mitchell 08-02-2022A3
Bobby Lee Nicholson 08-02-2022A3
EugeniaMarzeSmith 08-02-2022A3
Susan FoglesongShaw08-02-2022A3
William "Bill" Richard Foster, Jr. 07-31-2022A3
Robert :Bob" LockeBrowning Jr. 07-31-2022A3
Linda FayeBaldwin 07-31-2022A3
Daniel Staggers, Jr. 07-28-2022A3
Kent Chapman 07-28-2022A5
Robert Harper Ratchford 07-28-2022A3
Ina Courtney Teal 07-28-2022A3
Preston Lemar Underwood 07-28-2022A3
Raymond Ray Elkins 07-28-2022A3
James Edward Thompson 07-28-2022A3
Carrie Gordon Rogers 07-28-2022A3
Rita Elizabeth Pettus 07-26-2022A3
Carrie Gordon Rogers 07-26-2022A3
Victoria Elizabeth Radice - Tesar 07-26-2022A3
Mary Elizabeth Chambers Houston 07-24-2022A3
Rachel Polk Clyburn07-24-2022A3
Michael Lynn Chambers 07-24-2022A3
Willie Lee Morrow 07-24-2022A3
Edward LeeLawings07-24-2022A3
Alton "Buddy"Parker 07-21-2022A3
Randy HowardCoykendall 07-21-2022A3
Rachel Polk Clyburn 07-21-2022A3
Theresa Davis Leonard 07-21-2022A3
Patricia Elaine Chambers Belk 07-21-2022A3
Kent Martin Chapman 07-21-2022A3
Patricia Elaine Chambers Belk 07-19-2022A3
Shirlie Autry Deese 07-19-2022A3
Morrison GeneCouick 07-19-2022A3
John Joseph La Vine, Jr. 07-19-2022A3
Maxine B. Allison Smith 07-19-2022A3
Mary Elizabeth Chambers Houston 07-19-2022A3
Dr. Sharon C. Harrell 07-19-2022A3
Doris Broadway Long 07-17-2022A3
Fulta Mae (Knotts)Hillard 07-17-2022A3
Weaver Charles Burch 07-14-2022A3
John Boyd Josey 07-14-2022A3
ArchieLeeEvans 07-14-2022A3
Mary Jo Smith 07-12-2022A3
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