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This index to the obituaries listed in the Monroe Enquirer Journal (and earlier Monroe papers) was compiled by the staff of the Union County Public Library. This index covers assorted years up through the present with a more thorough coverage of the years between 1968 and up. It is continually updated. If you find errors, please contact the genealogy department. Some years are currently incomplete on the index. (1978 is less than 5% complete; 1986 is missing the months Sept-Dec). To obtain a copy of the obituary, please visit us in person and check our files or the newspapers on microfilm. Are you a long distance researcher? Try our look-up service. All requests are handled by mail with a service charge of $5.00 submitted with your request. You may ask for up to 2 obituaries with this paid service. If you have any questions please call, 704-283-8184 ext. 5236 or email at


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IreneRita JandoPatrus06-25-2022A3
Donald EugeneTarlton06-25-2022A3
Larry Douglas Dunlap 06-23-2022A3
Janet Benfield Hinson 06-23-2022A3
Robin "Rob" DaleIngram 06-23-2022A3
Otis Smith 06-21-2022A3
Jerry Christopher Hinson 06-19-2022A3
Irene Jacoba Lopez Villa 06-16-2022A3
Anne Deputy 06-16-2022A5
Penny Springs Bowden 06-16-2022A3
Donnie Lee Melton 06-16-2022A3
Curtis Eugene Cunningham 06-16-2022A3
Nancy Stewart 06-16-2022A5
Preston Lemar Underwood06-16-2022A3
Helen Lorraine Mosley White 06-14-2022A3
Larry Kenneth Shell 06-14-2022A3
Andrew "Andy" C. Stanton 06-14-2022A3
Penny Springs Bowden06-14-2022A3
Henry William Dodd 06-12-2022A3
DellaElaine FrankBelk 06-09-2022A3
Betty Lou Walters 06-09-2022A3
Catherine Mahacek Alicea 06-09-2022A3
Mary Lee Threatt Guion 06-09-2022A3
Darlene Elizabeth Boone 06-09-2022A3
Judy Helms Price 06-09-2022A3
Jaeaundra Chrishell Johnson 06-09-2022A3
Darrell Gaston Tomberlin 06-07-2022A3
William Heath Nash, Jr. 06-07-2022A3
Violet Helms Stegall 06-07-2022A3
Preston Lemar Underwood 06-07-2022A3
Betty Jo Funderburk 06-05-2022A3
Diane Traywick Johnston 06-05-2022A3
DarleneElizabeth Boone 06-05-2022A3
Cynthia Diane Morrison McLarty 06-05-2022A3
Charles Allen Richardson 06-05-2022A3
Brandon T.Marsh 06-02-2022A3
Earl James 06-02-2022A3
Charles H. Riddle 06-02-2022A3
Iris Smith McRae 06-02-2022A3
Maxine Hubbard 05-31-2022A3
Alice Kay Carpenter 05-31-2022A3
Boyce Ray Paysour 05-31-2022A3
Calandra "Cally" Jaqueline Zuk 05-31-2022A3
Randy Franklin Medlin 05-31-2022A3
Waylon Phillip Baucom 05-31-2022A3
Ian Millar MacConnachie, Jr. 05-29-2022A5
Yvonne Jaqueline Steinemann Cordero 05-29-2022A5
Bobby "Bob" Ray Plate05-29-2022A3
Rita Faulkner 05-26-2022A3
Maxine Hubbard 05-26-2022A3
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